Accelerate delivery and operation of high-quality, reliable software

DevOps encourages a collaborative, technically-empowered ‘new way of working’ that enables teams to move at the speed of rapidly-changing and evolving business landscapes.

Through automation and focusing on building quality in, DevOps reduces the risk of delivering software at the speed of innovation, while operating it with improved security and stability.

Assurity in action

Assurity implemented test-driven software development via DevOps and Agile methodologies for an international software vendor. After developing key functionality for secure data exchange, Assurity went on to handle Drummond quality certification for the vendor, ultimately playing a central role in creating software functionality which is today used by companies all over the world.

Our approach

As DevOpsticians, we approach DevOps engagements by peering into organisations through a variety of lenses. It's also how we educate attendees of our ICAgile-certified Foundations of DevOps course.

Our approach


This lens highlights how value moves through development to delivery. It looks for bottlenecks, manual processes that can slow and hinder flow of value. This lens looks to automate repeatable processes.


This lens is used to determine how information is shared across the enterprise. This lens looks for concise, actionable quality feedback to be delivered to relevant parties.


This lens looks at the workplace of the team members involved. It looks for cultural mechanisms that encourage responsibility and creativity as it pertains to the delivered product.


This lens looks at the structure of an organisation of team. It looks for cross-functional teams that can switch roles or context to ensure the job is done. It looks for empowered, transformational leadership that is willing to invest in and encourage team members in their growth.


This lens looks at how a team ensures quality in a delivered product. It looks for a "shift-left" mentality that ensures the quality in built artefacts as soon as, if not before, they are actually created.


This lens looks specifically at which tools are being used in a organisation. It ensures tools are being used to optimise the delivery of value and quality to the end user. It looks for tools that are not being used correctly or are unsupportable by the organisation.

Assurity DevOps services

Assurity can partner with, consult, train and coach you and your teams on this journey, providing guidance, support and architectural direction. Working with leadership and teams, we can help surface long ignored elephants and technical-debt by providing gentle course-corrections to a new direction. Our services support leaders, teams and organisations through active development, consultation, training, coaching and leading change.

We support organisations with the following services:

Assurity DevOps services

Quality assurance

Build rapid, automated, quality verification pipelines

Integration with software

Deliver and integrate software continuously

Modern way of working

Build operational excellence through adopting modern ways of working


Build observability into the software, infrastructure and applications they operate

Technical leadership

Develop strong technical leadership to support and lead teams through technically complex environments

Training and certification

Provide training in a variety of technical fundamentals

Foundations of DevOps (ICAgile certified)


Provide solutions to automate current existing manual processes

Development and testing

Active development, testing, and release of software and related infrastructure

Cloud-based development

Active development and operation of virtualized IT Infrastructure using both local data centres and/or public clouds

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Download our DevOps eGuide ‘A DevOps Roadmap for Transforming Delivery’ here.

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