Accelerate delivery and operation of high-quality, reliable software

DevOps encourages a collaborative, technically-empowered ‘new way of working’ that enables teams to move at the speed of rapidly-changing and evolving business landscapes.

Through automation and focusing on building quality in, DevOps reduces the risk of delivering software at the speed of innovation, while operating it with improved security and stability.

Look through the lens of the DevOpstician

As DevOpsticians, we approach DevOps engagements by peering into organisations through a variety of lenses. It's also how we educate attendees of our ICAgile-certified Foundations of DevOps course...


This lens highlights how value moves through development to delivery. It looks for bottlenecks, manual processes that can slow and hinder flow of value. This lens looks to automate repeatable processes.


This lens is used to determine how information is shared across the enterprise. This lens looks for concise, actionable quality feedback to be delivered to relevant parties.


This lens looks at the workplace of the team members involved. It looks for cultural mechanisms that encourage responsibility and creativity as it pertains to the delivered product.


This lens looks at the structure of an organisation of team. It looks for cross-functional teams that can switch roles or context to ensure the job is done. It looks for empowered, transformational leadership that is willing to invest in and encourage team members in their growth.


This lens looks at how a team ensures quality in a delivered product. It looks for a "shift-left" mentality that ensures the quality in built artefacts as soon as, if not before, they are actually created.


This lens looks specifically at which tools are being used in a organisation. It ensures tools are being used to optimise the delivery of value and quality to the end user. It looks for tools that are not being used correctly or are unsupportable by the organisation.

Your DevOps change journey

Deciding on how to start a DevOps change journey can be a daunting prospect. Our free eGuide, written by Peter-John Lightfoot, lays out the key areas, actors and activities that should align for successful change, along with some pragmatic approaches for change in the various roles that might collaborate.


DevOps eGuide

devops guide

Empowering teams

Your competitiveness increasingly depends on the people who deliver technology. By removing the blockages that get in their way and empowering them with end-to-end responsibility for delivery, you’ll be fast to market with the quality products your customers need. DevOps empowers people to deliver value fast. And continuously.

The four principles of empowerment


Open Information

ensuring the team understands the business goals at a macro and project level opening up visible business, delivery and technical metrics, monitoring and logs



assigning clear responsibility with authority to act to deliver the business goals 
making the team responsible for end-to-end delivery, production support, technologies and tooling



providing the ability to make decisions, communicate rapidly and remove impediments encouraging flat-structured, cross-functional teams, made up from the business and all technical areas touched on by delivery


Learning and Innovation

structuring for continuous improvement, making it safe-to-fail and encouraging experimentation
 growing internal capabilities and making external knowledge, skills and experience available

For more on the Pillars of Empowerment, see this article by Chris Pollard

A Continuous Delivery ‘eco-system’

These four Pillars of Empowerment are the glue in a Continuous Delivery ecosystem connecting people, process and technologies to deliver maximum value.


Cross-functional delivery teams

DevOps teams consist of people right across the value chain. Delivery teams are self-organising, empowered by leadership and free to create the highly collaborative culture which motivates engagement. Because of this DevOps is more likely to create happier and super-productive teams.


Lean is about reducing waste, being responsive, adaptive and pragmatic. By default DevOps is lean by default and reduces the waste in traditional, siloed delivery environments including: noise and complex interactions at the interface of Dev and Ops; repetitive tasks that should be automated; difficulties in scaling production environments; excessive time taken to discover and respond to issues in production because of lack of visibility; and flaky environments.


Agile software delivery

Agile is fast becoming the default approach to software delivery because delivering value in small increments, frequently, is a prerequisite for competitiveness in today’s environment. DevOps maximises the benefits of Agile by making operations an integral part of the delivery process and extending the team’s responsibility to include deployment.

Automate and elevate feedback

DevOps implements innovative technical practices that streamline the development, testing and deployment of technology. It automates the repeatable to create consistency, speed and predictability. This in turn helps minimise risk, improves the transparency and auditability of processes. It also elevates feedback by creating feedback loops that allows teams to maximise the value they deliver. Build>Deploy>Measure>Learn. Rinse and Repeat.


Tools that empower teams

Tools exist to cover every aspect of delivery and operation including build, deploy, checking, release, version control, configuration management, orchestration, infrastructure provisioning, performance monitoring and AB testing. The ever-increasing DevOps toolset enables and empowers teams to deliver and improve.

Scalable platforms

Deploying technology fast and automatically in the Digital Age requires suitable self-service infrastructure to create and scale environments. Scalable platforms and live-view production environments allow easy, super-fast provisioning and management of the system by the team.

An Introduction to Observability

An online WellyOps Meetup

Hosted by Assurity's Piers Chamberlain and Allen Geer, this remote WellyOps Meetup focused on Observability – what it is and observing from the outside-in and inside-out. SumoLogic was also on hand to share a brief introduction of how they can help with observing these journeys.

CloudBees create a buzz in Wellington

Kohsuke Kawaguchi shares his thoughts on the past, present and future direction of Jenkins.
Michael Neale presents Jenkins X, an opinionated platform for developing and delivering Kubernetes-based applications.

Embrace the change that Continuous Delivery creates

Hosting Gojko Adzic

Gojko Adzic's talk on how to turn Continuous Delivery into a competitive advantage, focused on how it creates a fundamental change to the world around software teams. He states that to ignore these changes is dangerous – while embracing them opens up significant business opportunities.


A platform for real-time operations
Helps teams make sense of their monitoring alerts to respond faster with greater accuracy
A fully-featured, cloud-native CD solution
Provides a shared, centrally managed, self-service experience for all your development teams
Measure and manage DevOps efficiency
Visibility and insights to measure, manage and optimise your software delivery
Ship faster with CI/CD as a service
A flexible, customisable CI/CD service that reduces build times, while increasing reliability
Orchestrate releases and automate deployments
Manages release pipelines and dependencies across multiple teams, point tools and infrastructure
Deploy new code with feature flags and controlled rollouts
An advanced feature management solution that gives engineering and product teams feature control, post-deployment
Cloud operations and analytics
Unlock your machine data and detect issues before they impact your customers


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Modernising and optimising service delivery

Modernising and optimising service delivery


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