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  • Software Testing & Quality Assurance

EPL needs to smoothly, accurately and consistently execute payments for one of the largest payrolls in Australasia every two weeks and is building a fully online payroll service for schools called EdPay – the future of schools’ payroll in New Zealand. EPL has looked to Assurity for support in testing, shifting to Agile and DevOps ways of working prior to and throughout the creation of EdPay.

“It’s not only skills that Assurity provides, but also an outstanding attitude. That’s why, as we move forward, Assurity is seen as a source of sound advice and input for the maturation of our Agile practices. And in periods of peak demand for testing, we know where to look.”

Arlene White


Education Payroll Limited


  • Agile coaching and SAFe training tailored to suit EPL’s organisational requirements
  • Testing and DevOps services in a managed services model
  • Quality assurance services
  • Development of customised reusable test frameworks to meet the unique requirements of EPL’s payroll platform

Outcomes delivered

  • Modernisation of EPL’s work processes, including supporting EPL’s digital transformation journey, shifting from a highly paper-based payroll process to one that is 90% digital
  • Introduction of Agile and DevOps practices to EPL, driving an increased focus on efficient testing
  • 50% reduction in time required to upload and put into effect collective agreement changes to the EdPay system (12 weeks reduced to six

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