Enable quality project outcomes through proven testing and QA services

As a Gold-certified and co-sell-ready Microsoft partner, we can drive quality and measurable project outcomes from Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations.

We do this through a tiered approach using automation, functional, and API testing. We accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications for our clients through the ease of deployment, reduction of risk, and the availability of regular releases of fully tested and trusted updates.

Our approach

We enable quality project outcomes of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations through three key cornerstones of Assurity’s testing framework which are applied throughout the entire lifecycle of Microsoft enterprise projects. These are ‘Discover, Deliver and Maintain’, each underpinned by specific service capabilities embracing the DevOps and Agile approaches.

Solution Discovery – Establish the goals and scope of the project to equip the team for success.

Technical Discovery – Understand the architectural landscape as well as the integration and migration implementation approaches.

Business Process Discovery – Understand current business processes, fit/gap analysis and potential customisations

Non-functional requirement analysis – Evaluate non-functional requirements e.g. Performance testing, automated regression

Maturity assessment – Understand client maturity and capabilities to utilise and/or increase capability during delivery

Approach – Understand the project approach, explore approach methods, standards and assets for reuse to fit client needs.

Test team on boarding – Onboard the test team (internal and external) to understand context and solution. Setup for prep and execution

Test Planning and Business Scenarios – Detailed planning of each workstream or phase based on project approach, current business flow etc

Test Scripting and Execution – Documenting and executing tests based on business priorities and delivery plan

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) – Prep, manage and support business users to test the solution by business unit and End to End.

Non-Functional testing – Performance test solution and build business critical automated regression suite.

Production readiness – Exit and summary reports. Handover for operational support

Future Ready – Understand and plan for future releases from Microsoft. Ability to run and maintain the automated regression suite, manually test new functions

Integration and dependencies updates – To test and integrate all dependencies to ensure the full End to End process are not impacted

Monitoring and performance – Ongoing performance testing to ensure performance is not compromised regardless of version upgrades fixes

On-boarding additional Microsoft components – Focus on migrating and testing other additional components as they are integrated into the main solution/application

Benefits we deliver

Assurity Consulting provides a proven implementation framework for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Accelerating the implementation, reducing the cost of implementation, and laying the foundation for a lower cost operating model.

Benefits we deliver

Accelerate implementation delivery process

Provide a proven approach and methodology to successfully achieve integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other internal and external services

Reusable test assets

Provide a set of test assets that could be used with minimal change across standard modules

Reduce risk and cost

Reduce risk with proven testing and Quality Assurance services and reduce marginal cost of each implementation

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