Agile is about people first

Why? Because it's the teams, the people, who deliver the value. By thinking people and mindset first, rather than practice and process, you'll create the strongest foundations for a successful and sustainable Agile implementation.

We partner with you to help you start or continue your Agile journey and focus on delivering value by putting people first.

Our approach

We help you create the right leadership and organisational conditions to enable that culture to thrive.

We align everything and everyone with a compelling purpose that’s relevant to the customer and we rewire leadership, processes and operational structures to focus on value.

Our approach

Understand current state

Understand problems. Define goals and values. Create the story and a change roadmap.

Design the change approach

Identify a starting place and take a 'thin slice' approach through one experiment. Adapt the authorising environment and governance to support the first new way of working teams.

Prove through a thin slice

Earn confidence and trust of teams by showing leadership is prepared to learn, lead and empower. Set up initial team(s) to operate in the new state and ensure the organisation's immune system doesn't hamper them.

Strength before spreading

Embed the new ways as the new normal. Ensure teams are on the path to natural, continuous improvement and that leadership is confidently being brave and backing the new normal every day.

Sustain as change scales

Reset governance and assurance based on the experiment. Create a centre of excellence and vibrant communities of practice. Scale outwards across the organisation once the outcome is clear.

Our services

We partner with you to help you start or continue your Agile journey and focus on delivering value by putting people first. Our services include 'Organisation structure and design', 'Agile benchmarking', 'Mindset behaviour and culture change' and 'Individual, team and leadership coaching'

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Our services

Product Leadership in a Box

Realigning your product delivery to build the right thing, in the right way.

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Team Lift Off

Give your team the best services on the road to high performance.

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Applied learning tracks to upskill your capabilities. Beginner to advanced level.

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Agile Leadership Programme

Give your leaders the skills and ability to align and energise your people towards the goals of your organisation.

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Visual Management

Empower your teams to take ownership through visual management.

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Professional Services

Looking for an Agile coach for your transformation? Want some help facilitating your next Agile event? Or want a data-oriented approach to Agile maturity? Here are our Agile services.

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“It’s not only skills that Assurity provides, but also an outstanding attitude. That’s why, as we move forward, Assurity is seen as a source of sound advice and input for the maturation of our Agile practices. And in periods of peak demand for testing, we know where to look.”

Arlene White


Education Payroll Limited

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