Assurity adds new leaders and unveils new strategy

Assurity Consulting, a home-grown digital service consultancy, celebrates 15 years since establishing its headquarters in Wellington.

Assurity adds new leaders and unveils new strategy

Date: 10 November 2020

Assurity Consulting, a home-grown digital service consultancy, celebrates 15 years since establishing its headquarters in Wellington.

Today, Assurity operates across three locations with more than 250 staff. Garth Hamilton, CEO, Assurity, unveiled the company’s new corporate strategy and leadership team to clients in events held across the country.

“Assurity’s principles of quality, innovative approaches to technology and recognition of a high-performance culture have seen us closely involved in the delivery of some of New Zealand’s most demanding technology programmes, such as this, as recently reported in NBR,” says Hamilton.

“Our 15 years’ experience in improving the delivery of software and technology has provided us with the insights and skills to help New Zealand organisations solve the challenges of digital change. When companies seek sustainable, strategic change transforming their ability to compete, we relish the opportunity to help them make their new future,” adds Hamilton.

“No year has changed as rapidly as 2020. The pandemic had added a further layer of complexity to the change agenda of most organisations, ushering in a ‘new normal’ in which the necessity for digital business is amplified. For our clients, customer-centricity and customer obsession is more important than ever to thrive in the fast-changing digital world. This depends on an engaged workforce focused on delivering outstanding customer experience in every interaction, implementing technology projects that allow better customer service, with optimised business processes delivering consistently satisfying customer journeys.

“Through driving deeper collaboration and engaging our clients, we know that they value both capabilities and solutions to their challenges. They are after capability transfer and upskilling of their internal staff and prefer a co-design solution vs one that is prescriptive.

“With a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and challenges, we pivoted and defined our new market strategy by creating four strategic value streams: Design and Innovation, Digital Delivery, Business Optimisation and Employee Growth. All our services and capabilities can be delivered via a consultancy or partnered services approach.

“In addition, we have also deepened our investment by expanding our leadership team with the inclusion of Head of Value Streams led by a team of highly-experienced executives. They are:

  • Justine Denize – Head of Partnered Services (LinkedIn)
  • Simon Holbrook – Head of Design & Innovation (LinkedIn)
  • Russell Ewart – Head of Digital Delivery (LinkedIn)
  • Brendan Shea – Head of Business Optimisation and Employee Growth (LinkedIn)

“These are strategic, advisory and executional roles that will help create the vision, strategic design and enablement of the delivery of successful projects with our clients. As we enter our 16th year, we truly welcome the opportunity to drive increased value and innovation for our clients.”

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